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With a Citizen Determined to Make a Difference, not a Politician


Putting My Experience
to Work

I am Annette Holcomb.  I was born and raised here in Marshall County.  I've lived here most of my life.  My husband, Richard Holcomb, and I have 4 daughters and 4 grandsons. I care about my family, Marshall County, and our country.  My greatest desire is to leave a legacy for my family and community to remain a place where people can live, thrive, and have the full protection of the U.S. Constitution.


My qualifications include:


  • MSN in Healthcare 


  • Over 30 years as an RN from bedside to director of 5 departments

  • Extensive experience in balancing budgets and human resources while cutting waste by over $160,000 per year

  • Educator at Snead State Community College


  • Balancing family, faith, and career

  • Pro-life; Support Real-Life Pregnancy Centers



Medical Freedom


I believe in protecting our right to bodily autonomy, guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, and I will be a voice to defend that right in Montgomery.


Overreaching Federal Mandates


The current unconstitutional mandates are creating havoc among our businesses and families.  They are unnecessary burdens to our communities. No one should ever have to choose between medical choices and the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. 


Second Amendment Rights


Our right to bear arms is guaranteed by the Constitution and should never be violated by Federal mandates. I will ensure that your right to defend yourself and your family remain intact.




Critical Race Theory and Social Emotional Learning does not belong in our education system. Local school boards, with parental input, need more control over curriculums to meet the needs of student diversity. “Back to basics” education is needed, and Common Core needs to be repealed. I support the advancement of technical skills in schools and community college. Technical skills are needed to continue to support our growing employer requirements.


Mental Health


Mental health illness is on the rise.  Marshall County lacks facilities and staff to provide appropriate care, which leaves law enforcement to deal with this issue.  Alabama needs facilities for these individuals and a leader focused on solving the problem.  


Go Vote Flyers

Rev. Tony Holcomb - Pastor Beulah Baptist Church

This is the reason I will vote Annette Holcomb Candidate House District 26 on MAY24TH.

We need more people in our local, state, and federal governments that represent those of us who have strong traditional family values. We need someone who is not ashamed to stand up for their Biblical values and Christian faith. Annette will stand against the rising tide of liberalism in our state and nation and protect our children from liberal indoctrination in our schools. I've known Annette for over 40 years and I know that's what she stands for. That is why I am voting for Annette Holcomb as Alabama State House Representative for District 26.

Penny Waldrop - Gifted Specialist Marshall County Schools

I support Annette Holcomb for House District 26 for many reasons. Annette served as a nurse, and she understands the healthcare needs of our community. She was a teacher of nurses and as a teacher myself, I know she understands the needs of our classrooms and schools. Annette also served leadership roles in nursing and was responsible for large budgets and many employees. She did her job well. I feel she has proven she is more than qualified to do the job that will be put before her. As an added bonus, she will go into the house of representatives as an outsider that cares about her constituents. Please join me and vote Annette Holcomb House District 26.

Mikayla Abbott - Snead State Nursing Student

I was one of Annette Holcomb’s nursing students at Snead State Community College. Mrs. Holcomb genuinely cares about our community and our children’s education. There is no one else I’d rather have as our district representative. She has spent her life caring for our community and teaching the future generations. Elect Annette Holcomb House District 26.


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